Certification Program

The certification program is a new and improved structure that encompasses three levels:

  • Level 1 horse dentist
  • Level 2 horse dentist
  • Level 3 horse dentist

The certification is Louis' answer to the present unsatisfactory situation in the field of horse dentistry - for professional horse dentists as well as for horse owners. Standards and regulations are missing. It is as difficult for horse owners to tell who is a qualified horse dentist and who isn't, as it is unfavorable for highly qualified practitioners not to have a "quality seal" for their professional services. The new certification process is Louis contribution to providing top level education with a sure proof of qualification that can easily be demonstrated and recognized.

The four week course "Level 1 horse dentist" already provides a solid foundation to become a successful practitioner. It enables you to take care of all regular dental problems. "Level 2 horse dentist" and "Level 3 horse dentist" are advanced training modules that cover special problem areas, i.e. advanced procedures and complex cases. They require a high level of monitored practice on more difficult cases and a large number of documented case studies. They are designed for those who wish to expand their knowledge to special areas of horse dentistry. Level 2 and 3 will give you the background and the confidence to treat complex cases with top quality.

Becoming a certified horse dentist will provide you not only with expertise and experience, it will also significantly add to your credibility as a professional. The certification makes it easy for you to demonstrate that you work according to top standards in horse dentistry. Your name will also be added to our list of certified dentists on this website.

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Upcoming courses:

We are working on a new schedule for the training and will introduce our new training program as soon as possible. For information about the program and dates for courses please refer to our Education page.

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News and Events:

We are very pleased to offer our DVD "Hooks, Caps and Sharp Edges"! Please go to www.pequinoxshop.de to order and enjoy this educational movie.

New Graduates:

We would like to congratulate our newest Level 1 graduates Olaf Schröder, Michael Murphy and the new Level 2 graduate Henning Barge. We would like to wish them continued success in horse dentistry.

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