In order to better our education, we are currently re-designing our training program. Our new structure will come into effect as soon as possible.

We are considering an "apprenticeship" type course. The theory will be taught in a seperate course ahead of the practical part. After participating in both theory and practical courses the student will be required to work on a specified number of horses under supervision and take part in additional education sessions. The student will then be qualified for the theoretical and practical examinations. We are still working on some of the details and will be publishing them soon.

Please click here for course dates in 2013-2015.


Upcoming courses:

We are working on a new schedule for the training and will introduce our new training program as soon as possible. For information about the program and dates for courses please refer to our Education page.

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News and Events:

We are very pleased to offer our DVD "Hooks, Caps and Sharp Edges"! Please go to www.pequinoxshop.de to order and enjoy this educational movie.

New Graduates:

We would like to congratulate our newest Level 1 graduates Olaf Schröder, Michael Murphy and the new Level 2 graduate Henning Barge. We would like to wish them continued success in horse dentistry.

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